The Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program is designed to provide the tools and guidelines necessary to meet Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Hotels and Restaurants cleanliness and sanitation goals as established in the cited Florida Statute.
Sailormen Popeyes have the distinction of being one of only approximately 150 Florida establishments authorized to conduct this employee training in-house. As of September 1, 2004 the DBPR is no longer approving in-house training programs. This privilege should be respected and the training adhered to because the alternatives greatly handicap our ability to staff the stores. Florida Statute 509.049 paragraph (4) states approval of a program may be revoked if at any time the program is not in compliance with the minimum standards.DBPR Bulletin 2004-02 outlines the specific record keeping requirements for any food safety certification program.


Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program, the manual - This manual was compiled by Morris Fields, Director of Training for Sailormen, Inc. DBA Popeyes to comply with Florida Statute Chapter 509.049 which establishes the need for minimum food safety protection standards for the training of all food service employees who are responsible for the storage, preparation, display, or serving of foods to the public in establishments regulated under this chapter.


Popeyes Food Safety Certification Power Point - This presentation was created by David Pickering and is based on the manual.

The links below are to the training manual and optional Power Point presentation.  Either method may be used to cover the  required information with each new employee within their first 90 days before a ServSafe certified manager can sign them off as being trained. The manual should be available at Sir Speedy.

With the exception of the Power Point training, the links below open in a new window. Simply close that window to return to the home page. To close the Power Point training hit the STOP button at the bottom of any page.


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Popeyes Food Safety Certification Manual Word document for the actual training

Popeyes Food Safety Certification Power Point Power Point Presentation (optional) for the actual training

Print these (hit file - print or hit the print icon on your browser) as binder insert for your manuals. It works best if printed on card stock paper.

Popeyes Food Safety Certification Manual Cover jpg file   Popeyes Food Safety Certification Manual Spine jpg file


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