This program is designed to allow the area manager to easily create employee health training
certification records and cards for their area. Used correctly in conjunction with the DBPR
approved "Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program" manual or Power Point presentation,  employee training exceeds the current Health Department requirements.

All of the instructions for this program are written at the bottom of the first worksheet which
is called Set-Up Sheet.

I recommend that you save a copy of this program for each store (Click save as then title it Employee Food Safety Certification Store XXX) so if you need to reproduce cards or certification sheets you will not have as much work to do.


The below link opens in a new window.  Simply close that window to return to the home page. To save a copy on your computer click on FILE then Save as and set the location you want it to be in.


Employee Food Safety Certification Program Excel spreadsheet to generate certification records and cards











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