The Employee of the Month award program is a great motivator, if used correctly. The standards I insist on for an employee to be selected include:
Must be certified in at least one station.
Must always wear their uniform correctly.
Must work designated schedule unless written documentation is provided for excused absence.
Must be willing to do MORE than "their job" for example by helping others or staying later if needed.

The EOM Program has an EOM certificate, an employee appreciation letter, a copy of the EOM PAR
found in the AREA MANAGER program, and a memo detailing the ordering of plaques and nameplates.

For best results print the EOM certificate on pre-printed certificate paper with no more than
a 1 1/2 inch border. Print the EOM letter on resume quality paper and put it in a protective sleeve.

Change the employee's address on the EOM letter to that employee's store address. I save a copy
and title it EOM letter store ###. That way I do not have to re-type the address each month.
I save the certificate as EOM certificate store ### so I do not have to retype store numbers there.

Don't forget the PAR for bonus money.

EOM Memo

EOM Letter

EOM Certificate

Sample PAR's


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