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Popeyes Food Safety Training Materials- This page contains the manual and Power Point presentation designed to comply with Florida Statutes and is the heart of the program.

Employee Food Safety Certification - This program is designed to allow the area manager to easily create employee health training certification records and cards for their area. If used correctly with "Popeyes Food Safety Certification Manual" or Power Point Presentation "Popeyes Food Safety Certification Program" training exceeds the current Health Department requirements.

HACCP Training - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic approach to controlling food borne illness.
This section contains an educational program from the DBPR website about controlling food borne illness.

Health Department - This folder contains a collection of PDF files from the Health Department's website:
Also included are a Power Point presentation and Word document on how to view your online.

EOM - The Employee of the Month award program is a great motivator, if used correctly. The EOM section has an EOM certificate,
an appreciation letter, a copy of the EOM PAR and a memo detailing the ordering of plaques, nameplates and nametags.

Miscellaneous - A collection of miscellaneous forms and documents for your use.

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